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Tory Lane Just Got Arrested For Going Bonkers On A Flight



(TMZ) — Tory Lane — who ironically starred in an XXX flick called “When Porn Stars Attack” — was flying from ATL to LAX Wednesday night when she apparently got rip-roaring drunk, argumentative and then physical. She was allegedly screaming and kicking people on the plane, to the point where she had to be physically restrained during the last 45 minutes of the flight. Once on the ground, cops boarded the plane and she allegedly assaulted a cop. The story was covered Thursday, but we just found out the passenger was a multiple AVN award winner.

TORY IN THE HOUSE!!!! Honestly probably the least surprising news ever. If you’ve ever watched Tory Lane in action that girl is a motherfucking maniac. Sex with her is like a fist fight where your dick happens to go into her vagina/butthole (the latter being more likely). It’s like reverse rape or something. Feel like she was the last of a dying breed. Back when pornstars were wayward lunatics who could only turn to the sex industry. Nowadays it seems like a conscious choice because it’s so lucrative and the girls are treated nicely and it’s “art” and all kinds of stuff. Back when Tory broke in everyone was insane. Glad to see she’s still got the fire burning.