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The King Of Thailand Left His Harem Of 20 Girls In Germany To Go On A 20,000 Mile Trip To A Festival

(NYP)--The king of Thailand left the safety of his luxurious lockdown with a harem of 20 women — to pick up his wife in Switzerland and then take a 20,000-mile trip to their homeland for a national event, according to reports.

King Maha Vajiralongkorn, 67, had sparked outrage in Thailand after it emerged he had taken over a German hotel to safely quarantine while his nation was devastated by the coronavirus.

He finally left last Monday to attend Chakra Day, a national annual holiday marking the birth of his royal dynasty in 1782 — with a detour to get his wife, Queen Suthida, who was in lockdown 120 miles away from him in Zurich, according to Metro UK.

This fucking guy. First he flees his country to self isolate with an entire brothel of his favorite pieces to the German Alps. Didn't bring his wife or kids, because fuck them, obviously. Isolating in a way that only dictators and supreme rules can. The guy is knee deep in pussy and sauerkraut and the ONLY thing that he would leave his party... a festival to celebrate his family's rule starting in 1782. Needed the annual adulation for hitting the sperm lottery before returning to Germany where a group of 20 women are just waiting to get his sperm. Just an unbelievable life. No regard for literally anything except what he wants when he wants it. Gets all sorts of criticism and backlash, just ignores it and says how great he and that Covid-19 is nobody's fault. Can't related. What a guy. 

Oh and if you're wondering what type of hotel the King of Thailand turns into his own personal you go