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Bro At The Orioles vs Red Sox Game Rips The Hell Out Of His Pants Hustling For a Foul Ball


Slow motion? Slow motion.


That’s all hustle. You wait out the rain delay. You dodge umbrella guy. You break your hip banging into the seats. You then rip the ever living hell out of your shorts…and I’m not positive he ended up with the ball. All heart, all hustle, a few scrapes, all for the glory. Foul ball champion. Don’t care what team he roots for, he’s everyone’s favorite fan. The guy you want at the game with you. The guy giving 110% on the pistachios, on the mac and cheese and crab dip hot dog, and on the foul tips 8 rows up from his seats. He may have lost his shorts, but he’ll never lose his glory.

h/t Harrison