Woman Wakes Up At Funeral Home, In A Body Bag After Being Mistakenly Declared Dead By Doctor


A married mother miraculously came back to life as funeral parlor workers were set to prepare her body for a service hours after a doctor at a private clinic in east-central Paraguay had informed her family she had died.

Gladys Rodríguez Duarte, who is an ovarian cancer patient, was rushed to San Fernando Clinic in the city of Coronel Oviedo on Saturday morning after her high blood pressure increased.


Dr. Vera declared Rodríguez Duarte dead at 11:20am before relaying the tragic news to her husband Maximino Duarte Ferreira and daughter Sandra Duarte. 

The physician confirmed her cause of death as cervical cancer. 

Sandra Duarte slammed Dr. Vera's judgement and said he just wrote her mother off instead of attempting to bring her back to life.


'We trusted him, that's why we went there. But they disconnected her and passed her off to the funeral home.' 

The hospital subsequently handed over a body bag containing Rodríguez Duarte's cadaver to the personnel of Duarte and Sons Funeral, who made the shocking discovery.

The owner told investigators that Rodríguez Duarte was moving inside the bag when they unloaded her at the funeral parlor.

This is like my worst nightmares come to life. It must've been the worst experience of this poor woman's life. Just the thought of waking up in a body bag makes me feel extremely claustrophobic and borderline gives me a panic attack. 

You are a liar if you say you haven't at least thought about what would happen should you wake up in the middle of your funeral. Personally, I've had several dreams nightmares about such a thing where I was just in a coma but woke up at the perfect time to put a halt to funeral festivities. Oddly enough, the people at my funeral were just angry they spent so much on a funeral for me to actually be alive, but that's neither here nor there. Carrying on.

I truly can't tell what happened in this rather unique situation. When I say that I mean that I understand the situation fully, I just don't know what actually happened. 

The first - and most reasonable - school of thought is that this doctor just stinks. If I had to assess this situation based on that article alone, I'd have to lean with the doctor just pronounced a living woman dead. I don't exactly know how someone can be considered a serious doctor and not know how to tell if someone is alive or not. I'm no expert but that seems like some pretty day 1 stuff. The family of the woman did make it seem like this doctor wasn't trying too hard either. So maybe he just kind of half-assed it and just pronounced her dead without really even checking. Who knows, I can only imagine the things that go on inside of Paraguayan doctor offices.

The second - and much scarier - thought is that this woman is some sort of zombie that died and came back to life. Not the most realistic of scenarios but like I said, I don't know anything about Paraguay. All I know is that anything could happen these days, no one foresaw the entire world being shut down because of some virus. So this could be the start of some zombie outbreak for all we know. 

I'm just glad that they discovered she was alive before it was too late and she's getting buried alive, that would suck. Thankfully she was still alive and she was transported to one of Paraguay's Social Welfare Institute medical facilities and placed under zombie watch observation to try and figure this whole thing out.