Lowering The Bar: Brains

It is good. Cannibalism is actually one of the most suggested items on Lowering The Bar along with Surströmming or fermented herring from Sweden. Based on people's DM's involving Surströming, I'd consider eating a chunk of KB's cauliflower ear before even smelling the rotten fish. 


Hannibal Lecter, zombies, wet markets, and the people who hosted the party in the Temple of Doom are the only people that eat brains. They can't be too good. Plus I heard only about 10% of the brain is edible.

If I'm straight murdering someone to eat their brain when I have a perfectly good freezer full of butcher block steaks. It's 10/10 disgusting. BUT, in the event of a survival situation and I HAD to eat someone ... I would go for the brain? I feel like human muscles would be too stringy and the brain would just sort of melt in your mouth like an M&M.

Human Brains 8.5 /10* on The Lowering The Bar Scale of Disgusting


This clip explaining the brain scene is from 2001 and it's great to watch Ray Liotta struggling to remember that strange new technology on his head is called CGI.