Incredible: A Man Invented A Revolutionary Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser That Could Change The World And He Just Tweeted It Out For Free

I'll tell you what, some people are incredible. This guy on Twitter, obviously a very smart guy and it wouldn't shock me if he already had a ton of money, invented a revolutionary, make it yourself at home hand sanitizer dispenser and then instead of getting the patent or selling the technology for millions, he just...tweeted it out.

I am curious what happens now. Does he still technically get to hold the right to patent the idea and technology and all of that? When a huge corporation inevitably mass-produces these does he make any money from it? I would assume not? It's great though. This is inevitably going to save so many lives, and that's really what matters. 

So shout out to Nick Short. Great work man, and thank you for your service.