Eddie Murphy Didn't Want To Make Fun Of Bill Cosby At SNL40 Because Why Kick A Man When He's Down?

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I know Nate/Charliewisco posted this full transcript last night but I wanted to highlight this part. What a weird fucking sequence. Eddie Murphy didn’t want to make fun of Bill Cosby because that lovely gentleman has had a hard enough go of it lately, what with the hundred million rape allegations and all. The guy who’s recently known for Nutty Professor, sitting in fat suits and making fart jokes thought that the jokes just were too cheap. And all the while Norm makes it seem like he’s a hero for turning down the laughs, like he declined to do a Holocaust joke or something. If anyone on earth is a valid target right now, it’s Bill Cosby. He drugged countless women and raped them. If that guy is above being made fun of then who the hell isn’t?