OF COURSE The Knicks Find Ways To Lose During Quarantine: Reportedly Refused To Trade Mitchell Robinson For Anthony Davis

[SNY] - That depends on who the Knicks would receive in a trade of Robinson. Steve Mills and Scott Perry were not open to moving Robinson last year in any package that would have returned Anthony Davis, per sources. But Mills and Perry also drafted Robinson. Generally speaking, executives who draft a player are more reluctant to trade the prospect.

Would Rose would take the same stance with Robinson if a young, star big man like Karl-Anthony Towns were available? That's unclear, but it would surprise me if Robinson was kept off limits in a deal for a player like Towns. 

Come on, man, what the fuck is this? There aren't games being played right now. It should be impossible for the Knicks to somehow lose, but here we are. Whether it's Charles Oakley saying Patrick Ewing held them back or trying to figure out a coaching search or having no idea what's happening with the Draft as you rebuild. All things that of course would happen to the Knicks. 

And now this? We knew that there was 'reluctancy to move on from all assets' as Bagley reported before. The Knicks were spooked because they were morons during the Carmelo trade and got fleeced. Because we cheer for the dumbest goddamn franchise in the world, there's now this. Refusing to give up Mitchell Robinson for Anthony Davis. THIS ANTHONY DAVIS! 

I even like Mitchell Robinson! He's a hell of a young player. If he can just stay out of foul trouble and/or stop jumping on every single jumper or ball fake, he's going to be even better. But we're talking about what? A top-5, maybe top-7 player in the entire league? A guy who could change the ENTIRE franchise despite that midget fuck James Dolan still in charge. 

Shit, Davis even came out and said he was willing to sign a long term deal with the Knicks. Do you know how many free agents the Knicks have missed on? They would have one finally and he's actually good and young and people actually want to play with him. But nooooooooooooooo they had to be scared because of a trade nearly a decade prior. 

This isn't even the first loss during quarantine for the Knicks and us fans. This fucking franchise.