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Why Thinker Is No Longer On Instagram

We got shadow banned. That's the main reason. Either that, or there are only 225k people in the world who like to learn, because once we hit that number all our growth stopped. Did you know that it coincidentally happened at the same time several other big Barstool accounts also stopped growing? It's true!

However, do not fret because Thinker lives on. We moved it over to TikTok where I am currently shaping the minds of our future leaders. It's truly the Lord's work. Nothing makes me happier than teaching young people about the world around them. Did you know that it's okay to pee in the ocean? It's true! 

Anyway, this is really not a blog to convince you to come to TikTok. There are enough horned up old men on there as it is. Also, I prefer my new demographic of 13-year olds and Chinese bots. They get me. No, this blog is actually just to ask you all to stop mourning the Thinker because he is still alive. In fact, there's a chance that, when it's all said and done, the Thinker will be remembered as this generation's Bill Nye the Science Guy. Aside from Bill actually being an educated scientist, it seems like a fair  comparison.

And Nye never leveled with his audience like this