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Bob Huggins Has Been Binging 'Naked and Afraid' While Quarantined. What Are Other Coaches Watching?

WVU Sports — How has West Virginia coach Bob Huggins been spending his time self-quarantining as we continue to remain on lockdown in response to the COVID-19 virus outbreak?

Re-watching old basketball games?

Checking out classic TV programs?


He's been binge-watching Naked and Afraid, the Discovery Channel's popular survival show.

"We watched about seven or eight episodes (Sunday night)," he said via Zoom video conference Monday morning. "It's pretty amazing going out there in the jungle and living for whatever it is, 21 days, and making your own habitat.

"I wouldn't want to do it, but it's kind of fun to watch," he added.

For whatever reason, the official West Virginia Athletics website putting out this story is so funny to me. Everyone is starved for content, I suppose.

While I would love to get Bob Huggins's thoughts on many things, Naked and Afraid definitely seems like something which would be interesting to watch with him. While I've never seen that particular show, Huggins actually strikes me as one of the first college basketball coaches I would pick to win a survival show — alongside Mick Cronin for his relentless toughness and Coach K because he will never die.

I would like to make it some sort of requirement that every Division I football and men's basketball coach reveal on a conference call the television shows and movies they have been consuming while at home quarantined. I have several guesses as to what some coaches' responses would be.

Dabo Swinney finally got around to watching Ozark and had to text all his players when he saw the pastor allowing heroin be distributed at boat church to let them know that's not what the Lord has planned for them.


John Calipari watched the HBO documentary on the college basketball recruiting scandal to make sure everyone is still overlooking him and only going after Will Wade and Sean Miller.

Will Wade watched Blue Chips six times and took extensive notes — until the end, where the fictitious coach actually does the right thing.

What have your school's coaches been watching and why?