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Reader Email - Rate This Former Smokeshow's First Date



Reader Email

Although I’m a longtime female reader of barstool, it’s finally come to the point where I think I’ve seen it all. I’m putting this story in the hands of someone who can bring to light the problem of the pussification of men everywhere. I knew it was bad from my own experience, but after my close friend (previous smokeshow from Seton Hall) went on a date this past Friday, we all got a tremendous view of what rock bottom looked like. Let’s put aside the fact that this guy is a NPC bodybuilding douche bag (whatever that means) with a cat and focus on what really makes him a legend – his overall hardo exterior mixed with his vagina interior.

Preface: Friend and Tryhard are introduced at a local bar in downtown Raleigh, NC. Both originally from Jersey. Guy looks good and has on a backwards hat, which is always deceiving. Date is scheduled for Friday the 13th (should have known this would go sour). Date ensues at “The Rockford” where Tryhard orders a vodka with lime – Tryhard is livid because he has to squeeze his own lime “like a peasant” and mad because the entrees are too cheap at $8. Friend is 5 whiskey and gingers in so she brings Tryhard back to the apartment cus she needed a ride. Friend texts other friend saying “there’s a guy at my apartment. I hate him. He sucks.” Tryhard reads this text and storms out. Below are the true events of what ocurred post-Tryhard leaving. Enjoy.

The screen shots are in the order they happened – added a pic of Tryhard in the last one just for a visual effect.
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Ok couple things here. First of all I don’t get the part about bringing this dude back to the apartment? If you hate a guy why bring him back? Just get a cab and go home by yourself. That way you don’t end up writing texts about how much you hate him. Secondly how did this dude read the texts? That’s weird. Third of all and most important this is what you get when you go out with some muscle head, bodybuilding weirdo. Oh you think wearing a hat backwards on a first date is a shady sign? Gee yah think? Obviously this guy is nuts, but guess what so is your little smokeshow friend. You want a good date? Date a normal dude, with a normal job, with a sense of humor. Don’t date some jacked steroid head from NJ and then be stunned when the date goes off the rails. Bottomline is bodybuilding type guys are never normal and never funny. They are always gonna be mixing their meds and shit. Newsflash your friend dates crazy cause she’s crazy. Hell she’ll probably fucking go out with this guy again. Moral of the story is crazy can’t complain about crazy and if you date this guy you’re asking for trouble.