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Future #1 Pick Emoni Bates Just Made High School Basketball History

Gatorade has been giving out this award for basketball since 1986. Meaning some all time basketball players were unable to accomplish what Michigan's finest Emoni Bates just did. LeBron James won the award as a junior and senior, his sophomore campaign simply did not hold a candle to Kelvin Torbet's. Greg Oden and Brandon Knight were also two-time recipients of this award. That's it. That's the entire list of multi-time winners. Bates still isn't in this group but he made the important first step of winning one before his senior year. Now his biggest hurdle appears to be the international pandemic which could cancel sports as we once knew them. If that happens I could see it being tough for him to rack up a couple more of these. But as of right now, after winning a state title as a freshman and becoming the first sophomore ever to win Gatorade's National Player of the Year, he's putting together a case for the greatest high school basketball resumé ever. That's not even hyperbolic. If he runs off three of these and two more state titles I don't know how it wouldn't be him in the conversation with the Kareems and Wilts and LeBrons. Hopefully this virus is quelled and we can get back to normalcy by the time next season kicks off so we can witness one of the all time prospects continue his road to the NBA.