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Boss Tennis Player Says He Lost All of His $557,000 Prize Money In One Trip To The Casino

gulbis gun


BI – Tennis player Ernests Gulbis, one of the sport’s great villains, says he celebrated his semifinal run at the French Open by blowing his winnings at a Latvian casino. The 25-year-old won $557,000 at Roland Garros — his best performance at a major. He told Gazzetta dello Sport on Tuesday: “After losing to Djokovic, I returned to Latvia with my cousin and I went to the Casino: I bet all prize money won in Paris and I lost it.” Gulbis is known for saying outlandish things. He got himself into trouble in Paris by saying women’s tennis players should focus more on having kids than winning titles.


Yea that’s right, boss tennis player. I’d never heard of this fella before 5 minutes ago, and now he’s my favorite tennis player of all time. Slide over Pete Sampras and take a hike Andre Agassi, there’s a new tennis player in town. My man Ernests Gulbis. What a beast. Blowing a half million in one casino trip and saying chick tennis players should focus more on getting knocked up than playing tennis. Smashes his tennis racket on the court when he gets pissed off, has been thrown in jail for solicisting prostitutes, and said “I’ve never dated nobody in my life. I’ve never dated a girl. I don’t let her believe that she’s my girlfriend.”. Just all in all a guy you want to hang out with. The Happy Gilmore of tennis, so it seems.

PS: I’d love to lose $557,000 in one day. Just one time I’d like to do that. Is that too much to ask? I need to step my mogul game up. Or Grandma needs to start writing bigger birthday checks. But blowing $557,000 before I die is on my bucket list.