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Eagles Kicker Jake Elliott Doinks His Way Through Some Unreal Golf Trick Shots

Maybe that's what Cody Parkey was doing. Maybe he was just going for a trick shot off the goal posts. And if that's the case? Well then the entire city of Chicago owes that man an apology because he nailed that one. 

I'll admit that I'm a little worried about all these professional athletes not having shit to do right now. I mean I'm sure they're all working out and staying in shape, but being away from the game for this long is obviously going to have a pretty big impact whenever sports come back into our lives. But if there's one group of athletes right now who might actually thrive under these conditions? A group of athletes who might actually benefit from having all this time away from the field and their days filled with nothing but free time to do a bunch of weird shit? It's kickers. 

Kickers were built for this moment in history. I'm gonna go ahead and call it right now. You can get @oldtakesexposed on the line for this one. But whenever we get the next NFL season to start up, I'm calling that we'll have the least amount of missed field goals in at least the past 20 years. I know that golf trick shots and kicking a field goal aren't remotely the same thing, especially not when there are opponents on the field and pressure to the game. But at the same time, it's the exact same thing. It's all just math and geometry for accuracy. The game may suffer for a little while, but those weirdo kickers will thrive.