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In The Greatest Spinzone Of All Time - The 49ers Losing The Super Bowl May Have Actually Saved Lives

Sometimes you have to know when you're beat. Sometimes you have to know when it's time to call it a day and realize that the greatest spinzone of all time has presented itself and there is nothing you can do to stop it. The San Francisco 49ers losing the Super Bowl actually did a greater good for the world and saved human lives, check and mate. You think it's a game? You think this is just for show? We're talking Human Lives here. Have fun with your little football event, Patrick Mahomes, Jimmy G missing Emmanuel Sanders on a wide open bomb can be directly linked to more people being alive on this earth today (please note I don't have a WSJ subscription so I'm basing this entire blog off the headline and first 3 sentences because there's a paywall). So good job Kyle Shanahan. Good job Jimmy G. Good job getting torched in the 4th quarter Richard Sherman. You guys sucking down the stretch literally saved human beings, can the Chiefs say that? I didn't think so.*

*If you're a Chiefs fan and you're not walking around saying that Patrick Mahomes is so good that he saves lives in other cities then are you even a Chiefs fan? That's the real spinzone here, I was just trying to make Niner fans feel better.**

**The actual real spinzone is that the Bears saved the most amount of lives by drafting Mitch over Mahomes. Could you imagine how many parades Chicago would have to hold? That would be a DISASTER. Dodged a major one here. Way better to just suck all the time and never celebrate anything ever.