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I Am Hosting A Happy Hour Game of 10 Q's with The Beautiful Eva Lovia At 5pm On The Viva La Stool IG

Over the years of working at Barstool I've gotten to know & have been lucky enough to become friendly with a wide range of all different sorts of celebrities. It's a REALLY eclectic bunch comprised players, some actors, professional food people, and a whole bunch of porn stars (I don't really know why but I just gravitate towards porn stars & they tend to enjoy my company as well so I'm not complaining). 

And I was wondering what I could do to enhance my friendships with all these folks during Quarantine so I figured every Tuesday & Thursday at 5pm I'm gonna hop on the Viva La Stool Instagram to enjoy a very laid back 10 Happy Hour Q's. It's gonna be 5 of the same questions for everybody and then 5 tailored to each guest.

As I said in the first paragraph it seems folks in the industry of pornography tend to enjoy my company so I'm gonna go with my pal Eva Lovia for the pilot. She's actually really fucking cool, a huge foodie, and IMO one of the most beautiful porn stars the world's ever seen. So hopefully this turns out well & we could start doing more of these.

 I just may have an absolutely legendary MLB HOF'er (both on the field & off it) and one of my childhood idols lined up for the next 2 eps. This would be the time to put in a bunch of eye emojis.

Anyways I would be remissed to not finish this blogs with a bunch of pics from my first guests instagram. Please tune in at 5 & tweet me any questions you want me to ask Eva!

But until 5pm, it's the gulag. Join in the chat & lemme know any questions to ask her on twitch as well!

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