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Wake Up With Hakeem The Dream

I can't tell you how it happened, but during my normal nightly NBA highlight rabbit hole adventure last night I found my way to Hakeem The Dream and I knew right then we had our Wake Up subject. One of the most dominant big men the league has ever seen, watching Olajuwon play was like watching poetry in motion. The achievements are ridiculous, a 12x All Star, 12x All NBA, 9x All Defensive, 2x Rebounding Champ, 3x Block champ, 2x DPOY, 2x Champ, 2x Finals MVP, 1x League MVP, HOF, career 21/11/2.5/3.1 averages, I mean look at this run

That's big time. It's a damn shame players today have moved away from the Dream Shake, that might have been the most unstoppable post move since Kareem's Sky Hook. Watching these highlights it's incredible someone of his size could move like this, and that's why he's a one of a kind talent. Love me some Hakeem Olajuwon