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Former Soccer Star Ronaldinho Used To Skip Practices On Monday Because He Would Go Party In Cancun After Every Weekend Match

We hear the term power moves only all the time. Well, this is a power move. Just refusing to start the week at practice on Monday because you were going to Cancun in order to party. That's exactly what you should be doing if you're Ronaldinho and you're riding out the end of your career in Mexico. 

There are very few people like Ronaldinho too. The dude was a legit star across the world. Toss that outside and he's just a content machine. Remember he once was married to two women 

Imagine being some mid-level player on this roster too. I can't imagine showing up on Monday bright and early ready to train. You look around and there's a notable absence. Okay, it's just one week, he's Ronaldinho. But then come week 6 or 7? I'm fucking pissed because I don't get the invite to Cancun. Then come Tuesday and Ronaldinho shows up reeking of tequila. An all-time kick in the dick. 

I need more stars to pull this move. Don't just skip a practice, miss every Monday because you're traveling to one of the biggest party areas in the world.