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There Might Not Be Any Olympics This Year But That's Not Going To Stop Usain Bolt From Roasting His Competition On Twitter

I think there's a chance that Usain Bolt is so fast that he created time travel. I'm not gonna act like I know all the ins and outs of time travel but I think all you have to do is just move faster than the speed of light and you go back in time. So you've got the guy who has raced in 8 Olympic events and has won 8 Olympic golds, he runs as fast as he can, breaks the speed of light, goes back in time and starts social distancing years ago. How else could you explain why he was constantly 6 feet away from everybody at the 2008 Olympics?

These poor guys, man. 12 years ago they got their dicks completely kicked in by Bolt in the 100. They trained their whole lives to get to the Olympics only to realize they could train as hard as they possibly could and they'd still amount to nothing but a jog for Usain Bolt. They were probably just starting to get over the fact that they picked the worst time in human history to be Olympic sprinters. And then 12 years later, Usain Bolt dunks on them again and boom roasts them into Bolivian. 

What a menace.