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How To Cook Different Things Perfectly

With everyone in quarantine and not dining out at 5 star restaurants for the time being, I'm sure there are a lot of people making simple stuff like pancakes. And omelettes. And shitty steaks.  right?  Right. So here are a bunch of videos to cook different things perfectly.

Also, everyone is all pissy at me lately because they think I'm a bad cook. Ha! I just watched a bunch of "How To Make The Perfect ______" videos on Youtube. I am going to live stream my cooking here and there moving forward, perhaps starting tonight even.  

You've been warned.  Here's more of the videos.

How to make the perfect burger:

How to make the perfect steak:

How to make the perfect omelette:

How to make perfect pasta:

and much, much more.  It's incredible!  In fact it's so easy I think I'm gonna start my own video series once I master these techniques. Enjoy!