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Wake Up With An Alternate Version of Natasha Romanoff's Death Which 100% Should Have Been Used In Avengers Endgame

Spoiler Disclaimer: I don't want to hear anything about me spoiling Natasha dying in Endgame. This movie came out last April. If you cared enough to be mad about that part being spoiled you would have seen the movie over the last 12 months

Does someone want to explain to me why this wasn't in the actual movie? Listen, Endgame was as perfect a move as it gets and to have any criticism is just acting spoiled, but real talk Natasha Romanoff's death stunk out loud. Her and Hawkeye just fighting over who wants to die more for each other? They could have done better and that clip above shows it. Also how about at the funeral where everyone mourns Tony and all Black Widow gets is Hulk throwing a bench across a lake. They really did her dirty. She can't even get her own movie released on time because of a global pandemic. Tough life. 

Usually alternate clips and endings don't work. In I Am Legend there's the version where Will Smith cures the zombie in front of all the other zombies and is allowed to live. Get that shit outta here. Robert Neville giving the woman and her kid the cure and then sacrificing himself was way better for the storyline. I left the theater equally horrified and sad. Those emotions make for a good zombie movie. 

In Endgame there's also the ending where Tony Stark gets to see a grown up Morgan Stark inside the soul stone right after he snaps. Then everyone kneels after he dies instead of the funeral tribute. No thanks.


With that being said, this Natasha Romanoff alternate death scene is 1000 times better than what they used in the movie. Thanos ambushing these guys on Vormir and causing Natasha to heroically sacrifice herself before they both die was baller. That's the ending she deserved. Now I have no idea how Hawkeye gets out of there alive afterwards. Maybe he's zapped to the bottom of the mountain to pick up the stone and then flashed back to Earth with everyone else? Regardless, I can't believe they didn't go with that scene.