Recommended: Volume I

Just over 2 months ago, I began a new series here on the blog called 'Recommended', where I'd act as your YouTube Recommended feature and suggest some of my favorite live performances to you, usually with no particular reasoning behind what I blogged and when. They're random songs performed live that just fucking rule and generally get the crowd going wild and the back of your neck.

You guys seem to be digging it so far, and we're now twenty tracks deep, so I figured a compilation of all the videos I've blogged so far may be in order. Here's over two hours of some amazing tunes played across multiple genres for ya. Enjoy!

'Recommended: Volume I'

Note: I'd love for you to send me YOUR favorite live performances for future 'Recommended' posts! I'm sure there's a ton I've missed out on that I would love to learn about, so send em my way on Twitter. You can find me at @RobbieBarstool.