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Utah Teen Forced To Cover Up At School Dance After Wearing This Revealing Dress

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(Source) Gabi Finlayson had the perfect outfit picked out for the school dance last weekend: A lacy, light pink sleeveless dress that fell to mid-calf. “It was everything I wanted,” the 16-year-old Utah girl told “It was so perfect. It was really timeless looking.”

School officials saw it differently. Upon checking in, Finlayson was asked by a dance chaperone if she had a shawl she could use to cover herself. School officials later explained the dress failed to meet a dress code rule requiring dresses to have straps at least two inches across each shoulder. Both Finlayson and her mother believe the dress fully met that requirement. But because Finlayson didn’t want to draw further attention to herself, she went back to her car and retrieved her winter coat, which she wore over her dress all evening.



Now I’m sure a lot of America will look at this story and say, wow, Utah is a weird place with weird rules that don’t align with 2015. They should all go get fucked. But not me, you know what this story is? This story is a safety net. Someday most of us will have children, and someday most of us will have daughters, and those daughters will be on snapchat looking at dicks, sending pictures of their pussy, talking about blow jobs and 69’ing all before they hit High School. But not in Utah they won’t. No, Utah is the safety net for all of our worst fears. I’m not kidding when I say that if you are a man with 2 or more daughters you should seriously consider moving to Utah. Where chaining your daughter to the radiator until she is 18 is not only acceptable but commendable. Utah, where father’s don’t constantly want to put a bullet in their brain. They should put that on the big sign you see when you cross state line. Instant population boost.