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Markieff And Marcus Morris Suspects In Assault Case, Also Suspects In My " You're The Weirdest Pair Of Twins Of All Time" Case

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PHOENIX (CBS5) - High-profile twin brothers who play for the Phoenix Suns could be in trouble with the law. CBS 5 News has learned Markieff Morris and Marcus Morris are part of a possible assault investigation being handled by Phoenix police. Police confirm they are investigating an alleged assault that occurred around 7:30 p.m. Saturday outside a gym near 15th Avenue and Colter in central Phoenix.

They would not release the name of those involved but sources tell CBS 5 News the Morris brothers are being looked at as suspects in the crime. The twins recently signed contract extensions with the Suns worth $52 million combined over four years. The twins are realizing their dream with the Suns of playing in the NBA on the same team.



You know what’s not surprising? This story. You know why? Because I just read the Rolling Stone article about these guys and they are so fucked up in the head. Beyond fucked up. You can read the whole thing here, but here are some of the more interesting pieces.



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Same friends, ok, same agent, that probably makes it easier right? Same tattoos, that’s starting to get a little strange.



But what about college? That probably gave them some freedom even though they went to Kansas together.


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Every. Single. Class


Strange but not too crazy right? Wrong.

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They basically got one lump sum of money and it all goes to the same checking account, technically divvied up to 8 mil and 5 mil a year but as they say, it’s 13 million for their family. That is not normal.



Finally this…

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So yeah, when you tell me Markieff and Marcus Morris got in a fight together it may be the least shocking news of all time. As many of you know I have a long standing theory that any identical twins in the world have at one point kissed each other on the lips and not in like a familial way. Well it’s twins like this that make my theory not that crazy. Tell me the Morris twins don’t french from time to time, you cant.