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The NHL/Reebok Left Possible Conn Smythe Winner Justin Williams Off The Official Stanley Cup Shirts

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Yahoo – The Los Angeles Kings shirts commemorating the 2014 Stanley Cup Final, created by Reebok and sold at the NHL Store in Manhattan, look pretty sharp. The back of the shirt lists the names and numbers and positions for all the players on the Western Conference Champions’ roster. You have Anze Kopitar, the NHL’s leader in playoff points; Marian Gaborik, the NHL’s leader in playoff goals; Drew Doughty, the NHL’s playoff leader in points for a defenseman; Game 3 heroes Jeff Carter and Jonathan Quick; captain Dustin Brown; and 16 other players that have led the Kings to within sniffing distance of another Stanley Cup. Wait a second … 1, 2, 3, 4 … 19, 20, 21, 22 … um, there appears to be someone missing here. Someone important. Someone that has 10 points in the six Games 6 and 7 the Kings have played this postseason. THEY FORGOT TO PUT JUSTIN WILLIAMS ON AN LA KINGS STANLEY CUP T-SHIRT!? Mr. Game 7? The potentially Conn Smythe winner? One of the main reasons why there’s even a Stanley Cup Final shirt to be made?

Whoopsie daisies! Classic mistake. Just going down the roster, ho hum, printing up about a billion official shirts, and leaving off one of the Kings top guys. A knee slapping mistake. No idea how that ever could happen, but it happened. Jeff fucking Schultz and his stupid number 55 is grinning at us from that shirt, but no Justin Williams. That’s BRUTAL. When Jeff Schultz is remembered but not you. One of the worst defenseman I’ve ever seen play, who will now get to hoist the cup over his head, is screened nicely onto the tshirt, but not the guy who could be lifting the trophy for playoffs MVP tonight.