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Lowering The Bar: Eliminate 3 Disgusting Foods

You can pick 3 items from the list to eliminate. Which items are you choosing? 

People's tastes are subjective, but a few items on this list need to be eliminated immediately because they are objectively bad.

  • I'm IMMEDIATELY getting rid of century eggs and Durian. People who say these items are delicious are idiots. If something smells like a rotting corpse, probably no need to eat it. There are other foods, hardo.
  • Thick Water doesn't taste bad, but it's like choking down water in an alternate universe. 
  • At least Baijiu and Malört will get me drunk during trying times.
  • Crickets and Scorpions might seem like they would be disgusting, but along with whale salami, they are probably the safest options to eat on the grid. Baked crickets and scorpions taste like crunchy chips, while the salami tastes like a fishy Slim Jim (much like your mother, Trebek)
  • Malic Acid is the powder that gives sour candy its sour. This is basically a chemical burn in a bottle. It sucks, but who cares about taste when your taste buds have been destroyed by chemical burn.