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GOOD, GREAT, GRAND! Charles Oakley Somehow Made Quarantine Worse By Saying Patrick Ewing Held The 90s Knicks Back

What the fuck. Today is by far the worst day of quarantine for me. We've had tragic news, I've somehow had mac and cheese for both meals (okay, maybe that's not bad) and now Charles Oakley is out here saying Patrick Ewing held the Knicks back. My heart can't take this. Patrick Ewing is the best player the Knicks have had in my lifetime. Charles Oakley is a fan favorite - shit, I named my dog after him. 

I'm starting to think part of this settlement that Oak had with Dolan was some sort of black magic bullshit. There's no way the Oak of the past would think this. Dolan 100% had to put some chip in Oak's brain that makes him say shit like this. I refuse to believe that this is actually Charles Oakley fighting with Patrick Ewing. 

So why did Ewing hold them back? According to Oak (via CBS)

"He could never put us on his back like he should have because every adversity he ducked away from," Oakley said of Ewing. But with that kind of talent, in Oakley's estimation, comes a responsibility to lead, to speak up when necessary, to stand up for teammates when they made a mistake and ultimately be the galvanizing force and voice of an organization. 

"Every leader, every superstar in this league, if you go through adversity and you're trying to duck and dodge and you're in the biggest city, it's going to damper your team," Oakley said, citing, among other things, Ewing's unwillingness to be accountable with the press and say tough things to officials and coaches when they needed to be said. "Michael Jordan wasn't like that at first, but he installed it in his game. He seen that if he's going to be getting 30 shots, 30 points, that he's got to put his team on his back. And Patrick could never put us on his back like he should have.

Stand up for teammates when they made a mistake? How many mistakes did Ewing have to deal with? Charles Smith getting his shit swatted over and over again in 93? John Starks (my favorite Knick ever) missing open threes in the NBA Finals? Spike Lee instigating Reggie Miller and the ref not calling the clear push off by Reggie? Listen, Ewing is an all-time great. He had the Knicks 1 win from the fucking title against Hakeem (a top-15 all time talent). 

I need these two to make up right away. Can't have this. Need all these guys to come together and overthrow Dolan. Actually, that's what Ewing can do now. Oh you don't think I can speak up and be a leader? Watch this. Overthrow that mutant James Dolan. That'll show Oakley. I double dog dare you.