Miss Indiana Arrested For Disorderly Conduct, Hot Mugshot Alert!





(Source) A former Miss Indiana pageant winner was arrested in Bloomington Wednesday on several charges. At 3:30 a.m. Wednesday, officers were dispatched to 300 block of East 8th Street on a report of an intoxicated female knocking on the caller’s apartment door for about half an hour. The caller said the female was banging on the door and yelling, “let me in.” Officers arrived found Terrin Thomas still outside of the door.

Thomas was won the Miss Indiana pageant in 2013. Bloomington police said Thomas appeared to be intoxicated based upon her slurred speech and abusive attitude toward them. The officer also reported noticing a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from Thomas. Thomas was wearing shorts, a long-sleeve shirt and socks. She told police she was looking for her boyfriend’s apartment. Officers attempted to get a phone number to call the boyfriend, but Thomas said she did not have her phone or the number. Thomas then attempted to leave the area. Officers said Thomas kept repeating herself and would not listen to questions. At that time she was placed under arrest. When asked to sit in the rear of the vehicle, officers say she refused and pushed away. Thomas was eventually placed in the squad car and taken to the Monroe County jail.




HOT MUGSHOT COMING THROUGH! Here’s the thing with hot mugshots, that picture, that’s not even that hot, but in terms of mugshots and in relation to the gross scum we usually get, it’s blazing. Sort of like the Office 5 immediately becoming an 8. Something about an attractive chick taking a mugshot picture just does it. Bad betch city. One day she’s holding hands with you, out on a nice date, the next she’s black out drunk screaming at the police, getting arrested for disorderly conduct. Nothing hotter. Chicks love Bad Boys, and guys love Bad Bitches, it’s science.




Terrin is such a bad bitch name. Bet she hangs out with a bunch of Ashleys and Kristens. Just super mean to all the ugly people in the world. Love it.