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Ken Rosenthal Reports Jon Lester Has Narrowed It Down To Cubs And Giants

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Jon, lets talk for a second here. San Francisco? Come on. They’ve already won 3 World Series, their fans are spoiled, if you go there you’ll just be another cog in their win every 2 years plan. But Chicago? Jon, if you come to Chicago and win a World Series you’ll basically be Jesus. The 85 Bears won a Super Bowl almost 30 years ago and they still own this city. Don’t be silly Jon, do the right thing. This isn’t even a tough decision, you know it and I know it, now let the whole world know it.




2015 Chicago Cubs Starting Rotation (h/t mo)

1. Jon Lester

2. Jake Arrieta

3. Max Scherzer

4. Kyle Hendricks

5. Edwin Jackson/Jason Hammel/Tsuyoshi Wada

Closer – Bring back Marmol, won’t need to close games anyway with that rotation.