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NFL Monday Morning Rewind Brought To You By Directv - AFC

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The Games….


Redskins 27, Colts 49





Don’t worry Skins, Rally Captain is in the HOUSE!




Rally Captain doing work!


Rally Captain left.






Coach, what’s worse, running an awful football team or having a herpe on your lip for the entire world to see?



RG 3-9



Titans 21, Texans 45


Just when you thought he was out, he reels you back in!



I’m not putting it past the Bills signing Fitzpatrick to another long term deal after yesterday’s game.


Ever since I said JJ Watt can’t single handily win football games at the Defensive End position he’s been single handily winning football games at the Defensive End Position. Strip Sack, Touchdown catch.



I actually don’t hate Ryan Fitzpatrick’s son, I hate Ryan Fitzpatrick for throwing his son in our face and reminding us that he went to Harvard and has genius spawn.



Browns 10, Bills 26


I have a confession to make, I think I have a crush on the City of Buffalo. Maybe it’s just Orton but I’m all on this improbable and unlikely Bills playoff drive. Feel like people go to Bills games and get as drunk and scummy as possible. It’s like NFL MACtion. Grab a beer, a chicken wing and a butthole and hope everything works out.




As for the actual game, well you know what the story was.


Johnny Football Lived!



Then Johnny Football Died






And Kyle Orton won the day.





Home made jersey, this is why I love you Buffalo.



Chargers 34, Ravens 33


Crab Cakes, Football, and weird things on your head even though you’re a grown man, that’s what Maryland does.




Probably the best game of the day with back and forth action throughout, including two 80 yard 4th quarter drives by the Chargers.



Which means one thing, This guy is officially back!


No touching Jenny Dell



Giants 24, Jaguars 25

Moving on…




Saints 35, Steelers 32


What if I told you the Saints would go to Pittsburgh and beat the Steelers without Jimmy Graham recording a single catch. Fantasy Implosion, a 30 for 30 presented by Nissan.




Did you know Bruce Gradkowski is still alive? He is I swear, which sadly means Chaz Batch is probably dead. So bittersweet.




If you’re like me and have shit for brains then you probably said to yourself before this game. “The Saints stink” “Drew Brees is washed up” “No way the Steelers don’t destroy New Orleans” “When was the last time the Saints played well outside of the dome?”, and then you pay all your money to your bookie. Fun Times!


Also fuck Ike Taylor for letting Kenny Stills do this.





Denver 29, Kansas City 16


I ran out of gas.




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