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Teacher Kidnapped 3 Students With a Knife And Demanded They Take Take Him To Jack in the Box


Time - John Edward Maust, 34, faces charges of kidnapping and false imprisonment after pulling a knife on three of his students and ordering them to drive him to Jack in the Box. The 17-year old students were driving around Altadena, Ca., on Saturday night when they spotted Maust, 34, one of their teachers from the Arroyo Pacific Academy. They pulled over to say hello and the teacher, who appeared intoxicated according to a news release from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, asked for a ride. The students agreed and Maust got in the vehicle. While specifics have not been released, it appears that during the car ride, the conversation took an uncomfortable turn and the driver became worried. The teen pulled over and all three students exited the car. That’s when Maust ordered the students back in the car, because he wanted to go to Jack in the Box. Fearing for their well-being, the unnamed teens got back in the car and headed for the fast food restaurant. That’s when the suspect pulled out a knife, the Sheriff’s Department said. One of the students was able to call 911 and the police department mobilized. Soon, a police helicopter spotted the vehicle and ordered them to stop. Maust made the driver pull over and the teacher hopped out of the car and fled, according to authorities.

What’s with all the judging going on around here with this story? Well excuse me, Mr. So-Perfect-I’ve-Never-Been-Drunk-And-Needed-Fast-Food-Immediately-And-Did-The-Responsible-Thing-By-Getting-A-Ride. What was the other alternative? That’s right, drinking and driving. And Mr. Maust is a good educator and knew that drinking and driving would set a bad example for the kids. So not only did he not do that, he became the cool teacher by taking them to Jack in the Box. There was nothing cooler than when a teacher brought in donuts or snacks for the class. Now, the interesting part is the twist where they were all shucking and jiving on the way and the students decided to dip out. That’s fucking lame. When you agree to drive a drunk guy to get fast food, you can’t do taksie backsies. Huge no-no. Maybe when these kids grow up and enter the real world they’ll get it, but seriously, they are ridiculous human beings for thinking they could stop half way. The guy just needed some JITB before bullshit grading a few essays. (For real though, what % of teachers actually read those long ass essays? They probably read like 4 sentences while drinking wine and watching The Bachelor and then decided what to grade them based on if they liked the kid or not.) These kids all get F—– for not getting their teacher some drunk food. So selfish. Fucking kids born in the 90s.