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Dock Talk With Alex Killorn Has Captivated Florida And The Hockey World

So Alex Killorn jumped on his instagram live and buzzed around Tampa on his jetski the other day and has completely captivated the hockey world and all of South Florida. This is almost must watch stuff. People thought DJ Khaled was the only one who could make content buzzing around Florida on a jetski? Please. Now that hockey players are getting into the content game expect anything and everything.

This is just what the NHL needs. First we got Brendan Gallagher crushing the TikTok game and now we have Alex Killorn channeling his inner DJ Khaled and becoming a content machine. Also how can anyone in the NHL sit here and watch this video and not want to play in Tampa? These guys legitimately live the life. Not only do they get to live in the same town as Tom Brady, but they get to live in warm weather, on the water and get to buzz around on their jetskis whenever the fuck they want.