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Rugby Player Reminds Everyone Why You Should Never Mess With Rugby Players


In this GIF the role of Monday morning is played by the meathead throwing the punch and you are that guy’s face.





Well then. I guess that would be the anti-pussification of Australia. In the NFL if you put your hands on a quarterback’s face you get 15 yards. In Australia you have to literally beat the fuck out of a guy before you get a red card. Rugby players are by far and away the craziest athletes out there. I know some people will say hockey guys are the toughest, and they are very tough, but they also are still human beings with rational thoughts 99.9% of the time. I feel like Rugby players spend their days eating uncooked steak, drinking 40 oz beers and punching random people in the face for sport. It’s the old rule, never get in a fight with a guy who doesn’t care whether he wins or loses but instead is in it for the action. That’s Rugby guys, they just need the action.