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The Line At Hot Doug's Has Gotten So Crazy That People Are Selling Spots For $100 And Sleeping Out Over Night Before They Close For Good Tomorrow



I can live with the ad below, with all proceeds going to PAWS









Well this is outrageous. If you’ve been living under a rock Hot Doug’s is closing on Friday, done, finito, last hot dog is being served and that’s it. It sucks because Hot Doug’s is great, everything they make is delicious and I’m a big hot dog guy. But this, this is taking it too far. Sleeping over night for a hot dog like you’re a college kid waiting for Duke Tickets in Coach K-ville? What the hell? Do these people not have jobs? Or are they just that obsessed with Hot Doug’s that they’ll willingly take a vacation day to act like a homeless person for some encased meat. And like I said, I loved Hot Doug’s, but I don’t think you can get me to sleep over night in a line for anything, let alone something I’ll eat in 4 seconds and shit out in 10.



I honestly can’t decide who has it worse in that 100 dollars to stand in line deal. Paying 100 dollars for a hot dog is outrageous but standing in line for 100 dollars is equally as crazy. Like if I had to come up with a list of things I hate the most on this earth it’s probably 1. Terrorists and 2. Lines. 100 dollars just isn’t enough to do that.



Wonder who’s waiting out tonight.





I like these guys, if you’re going to wait in line all day you might as well start a trash can fire and cook some BBQ.