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We Are All Tracy

Before the quarantine I was very much a homebody and I liked it that way. Whenever quittin' time rolled around on Friday my coworkers/friends were always nice enough to invite me out for a drink or 15 and I almost always politely declined. Because I always had a date and that date was with my couch, my beautiful comfortable couch. I would spend all of Friday night, all of Saturday and all of Sunday parked on my couch watching TV and eating snacks. Don't get me wrong, it was glorious and exactly what I wanted to do because I had spent the better part of my 20s getting black out drunk every weekend and then being debilitatingly hungover well into the work week. It was a BLAST but I'm too old for that now.

However I now find myself filled with regret when I think back on all those declined invites and it has nothing to do with drinking part. Like I'm not gonna come out the other side of this quarantine ready to dive into a swimming pool of Rumple Minze, the hangovers made sure of that, but I didn't know how good I had it. I should've accepted a few of those of those Friday and Saturday invites but I just figured the invites would always be there and I could decline them until the end of time and it didn't matter. Now? Now I feel like Tracy. I think we all feel like Tracy. I miss my pals. I miss them and I want them to know I love them. I can't wait for this shit show to be over so I can touch people, drink with people and have the best life ever. I'm beyond ready for the quarantine to be over.