HBO's McMillion$ Documentary is Now on Hulu and FBI Agent Doug Mathews Is The Man

So last night I was advised I should check out the documentary "McMillion$" on Hulu. It's made by HBO and is the story of the McDonald's Monopoly game scam from the early 2000's. I vaguely remembered something about the case, but as is told in the documentary, it was quickly eclipsed by 9/11. I was curious though, and obviously quite bored, so I decided to check it out. The recommendation could not have been better for a dreary Sunday (?) night in quarantine. 

Within watching a few minutes of the first episode you very quickly realize that the star of this documentary is not the culprit, the victim, the lawyer, or any of the other very colorful characters featured, but rather it is FBI Agent Doug Mathews. This guy pops off the screen, brother. He is charisma personified. When I think of FBI agents, I generally think of stuffy, serious, accountant types. Not Doug Mathews. No, he's a character, my friends. From his relentless desire to go undercover, to not wanting to work on boring stuff like healthcare fraud, to him showing up to an FBI meeting with McDonald's Global Security wearing a GOLD suit like I would wear to the track, he is incredibly likable and relatable. He makes this story move. 


I sat there and watched all six episodes last night and the story is entertaining, informative and well paced. It's interesting how people come up with these scams, which obviously requires a degree of intelligence and planning, and then manage to get caught making the absolute simplest mistakes. 

This doc includes former drug traffickers, high level mafioso, a guy who was married seven times, a lovable clown of an FBI agent, a dude singing "God Bless America" to his cattle and chickens, and a woman who really loves the color red far too much. It's got it all and it's a nice distraction watch during these odd times. I'd recommend giving it a shot tonight. 

P.S. The main culprit's attorney at one point gives an all time piece of legal advice for anyone ever dealing with being investigated or arrested "If a fish didn't open his mouth, he wouldn't get caught". Words to live by, my friends.