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The World Deserves A Full Movie From Matthew McConaughey Kicking Coronavirus's Ass As Bounty Hunter Bobby Bandito

After everything we've been through so far, I think we deserve another epic McConaughey character. Coolest mother fucker on the planet and it's not even close. This was a minute long video about making a face mask out of a bandana and already Bobby Bandito is a legend. Not quite Rust Cohle status yet but you give me a few scenes of Bobby Bandito sipping some whiskey and killing the shit out of bad guys while also walking the tightrope between good and bad himself? I'm hooked. 

Oh and when Bobby Bandito isn't making his own masks out of bandanas, he's donating $80K worth to healthcare workers, firefighters and police in Austin and New Orleans. 

Again, coolest mother fucker on the planet.