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And the First One to Name All the People in Vindog's Man Cave Pics Correctly is...

A big thanks to everyone who took the video tour of my Man Cave and named the athletes and celebrities in the 25 pics. There can only be one winner, and the winner is... Tim Cadman! Tim was the second one finished and the first one to get them all right. Congrats Tim!

Here are his answers as he submitted them: (as a former teacher I was impressed with the numbering)

1. Bill Lee
2. Alex Rodriguez and Jason Varitek
3. Babe Ruth
4. Willie Mays
5. Kevin Faulk
6. Carl Yastrzemski and Tim McCarver (catcher)
7. Tom Brady
8. Tony Conigliaro
9. Joe Namath
10. Muhammad Ali and Sonny Liston
11. Sandy Koufax
12. Lance Alworth
13. Roger Maris
14. Lance Armstrong
15. Jim Brown
16. Bruno Sammartino
17. Eddie Merckx
18. Doug Flutie
19. Carl Yastrzemski, Ted Williams, and Tony Conigliaro
20. Christina Aguilera
21. Greg LeMond
22. Hazel Mae
23. Johnny Pesky
24. Jenny Dell
25. Bobby Orr and Derek Sanderson 

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