Hey Do You Even Lift Bro? Oh You Don't? You Just Inject Baby Oil And Alcohol Into Your Arms To Make It Look Like Muscle? Well Then.






BEEFCAKE Arlindo ‘The Mountain’ de Souza believes he has grown the biggest arms in Brazil – after injecting a cocktail of BABY OIL and ALCOHOL into his arms. The 43-year-old’s 73in biceps are filled with a synthetic filler, said to be sweeping the bodybuilding community. But the bricklayer’s size has not made him any stronger and he can only lift normal size weights. He turned to the substance for two months two years ago to make him the king of his competitive local gym in Olinda, Brazil. But using it can be incredibly dangerous and ‘oil’ injections have already claimed the life of his close friend, Paulinho. According to doctors, heavy users like Arlindo can develop multiple abscesses in the muscle tissue, which can lead to amputations and even death.




What’s the saying we use? Snake it till you make it? Well Arlindo de Souza just took that to a whole new level. Inject your body with Baby Oil and Alcohol instead of actually lifting weights like a normal human being and hopefully someday you’ll make it but probably not because you’ll die. Kind of makes the whole “fat American” stereotype look just fine to me. So what if we’re all obese and gross, at least we aren’t so body conscious that we’re putting needles of homemade concoctions into our body to make it look like we’re ripped. I’ll take pillow soft over fake muscles that will eventually give you gangrene every day of the week.



Have to love Arlindo’s attitude though. If my arm explodes and I get a horrible infection then I’ll just go to a doctor and get it amputated, what’s your point?