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Grandma Brings Grandchildren Ten Chocolate Eggs Each For Easter, Mother Furious With 'Atrocious' Number of Eggs


A parent has sparked a debate about how many Easter eggs is too many after hitting out at the 'atrocious' number her mother-in-law bought for her three children.

The mum explains that she has told her husband's mother in previous years that one egg for each child is 'more than enough', and she could add a small gift if she felt the need to do more.

Let me just start this off by saying I was never really a big Easter kid. My family didn't go to church or anything. It just wasn't that big of a deal to us from the traditional way people view Easter. You know, the typical Church, family party, etc etc. Not being a religious family really saved me countless hours on holidays looking back at it now. Pretty thankful for that. It was just a whole lot of egg dying and chocolate over here. Sure, I'd get the occasional action figure or video game but it just always seemed like a second-rate Christmas to a young Ethan. That and I never knew when Easter was - still don't really know - I couldn't even plot out what I might want from the Easter Bunny. 

Chocolate is synonymous with Easter. To limit the amount of chocolate one child receives is A) heartless and B) in poor spirits. You think Easter, you think hollow chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs. That's just a fact. That being said, I think very few - if ANY - people finish all of their Easter chocolate. 

Just hide/dispose of the chocolate when the day is done and they won't remember a thing. This way you don't have to have a gigantic argument with the in-laws about the appropriate amount of chocolate.

I always ended up just taking a couple of bites out of my bunny, say "alright that's enough for now", throw it in the fridge and forget about it until next Easter. It's a tale as old as time. That or you find a bundle of Cadbury creme eggs half-melted in your desk drawer come the summertime. That's always a nice treat

However, when her mother-in-law showed up with a huge number of chocolate treats again this year, she says it undermined her in front of her children - and created an argument with her husband.

She says: "Mother-in-law has just dropped off 10 easter eggs each to my three children (we maintained social distancing, she left them at the end of the path).

"Now don't get me wrong, I am grateful, but 10 each? Really? I think this is not only overzealous, it also undermines me.

"I have told her in previous years that one egg each is more than enough, and maybe a small gift, however she continues to undermine me in front of my children.

"I have allowed my children to choose one egg each from the pile to go with the eggs they have already received, and the rest will be dropped off at the local food bank next week

Reading that I now understand. This is much deeper than a mere chocolate egg. This is about who has the power. This mom isn't just gonna let Grandma show up and steal the show with 10 eggs per kid. No. Instead, she'll cause a scene about it and donate the chocolate to the food bank. I'm sure that's just what the food banks want, 27 unopened chocolate eggs.

Truth be told 30 eggs is a little overkill, on top of the chocolate they've already received. That's what Grandmothers do though. They specialize in overkill. They want to do anything to make sure their grandchildren feel loved. My grandma once bought me a panini press just because she heard I liked to make grilled cheese sandwiches. Again, overkill but you can do nothing but appreciate the gift. This mother really couldn't have just accepted them and then discreetly given them to a food bank. No harm, no foul but nope. She instead did the complete opposite and turned the whole thing into a news story. If I'm that grandma I'm doubling down next year and bringing 20 eggs per kid just to stir the pot. 

I just don't really see the need for all the extras. Just talk shit about your mother-in-law behind her back, like a normal married couple and move on. No need to create a whole hubbub over a few pieces of chocolate.