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All Time High Step Over Venomous Snake By Little Girl In Australia

Just another example of how dangerous it is to live in Australia, as a mother has to save her two young daughters from an Eastern Brown snake that had escaped the heat in some shade by their front door. These snakes are THE SECOND MOST VENOMOUS IN THE WORLD and are known for being AGGRESSIVE, and surely would have killed the girl if bitten. Luckily the girl in white was saved by one of the greatest high steps of all time, even though the decision that got her into the high step is very suspect, wait for the slow motion version in the video below. Quick moves by the mom too with one of the greatest backpack yanks of all time. ARTICLE

Hopefully the girls recover from the traumatic experience, but something tells me they will have QUITE the reaction to snakes for the rest of their lives.

Have a great fucking day!