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Hard To Tell If Fernando Tatis Jr. Hit a Bomb As Himself In MLB The Show Or Was Stabbed By a Samurai Sword Based Off His Reaction Here

If someone else lives with Fernando Tatis Jr. right now they have to have their finger on the 9-1-1 button at all times. Hearing that reaction from another room you can't tell if he hit a home run in a video game as himself or was stabbed with a samurai sword by an intruder. Tough job for Fernando's roommate as we get deeper and deeper into this quarantine. 

On the bright side, look at Major League Baseball actually growing the game and marketing their young studs to the world? All that needed to happen was a global pandemic that cancelled all the sports in the world, but nevertheless here we are! Tatis Jr. is a budding superstar in this league and we need his personality out there for the world to see. It looks like he enjoys playing as himself in the Show. Dude's out here hitting TANK SHOTS like he does in real life. I mean absolute bombs. 

Dude is easily one of the more electric players in the game. Just watch him score from first on a single. That base running gets me going. Outfielder has the ball and Tatis is still three steps from third base and he still scores. That's electric. 

This MLB the Show league is going to be huge for marketing the players. We're only a few days in and the clips are already great. Tommy Kahnle gets going tonight for the Yankees. God knows what's going to happen with that. I'm waiting for him to log on because we're supposed to get a little tune up in for tonight. TBD on the start time, but it'll be streamed here so make sure you subscribe and watch when we go live. 

P.S. Remember the White Sox trading Tatis Jr. for James Shields? Good times!