Nate's 2:00-3:00 Blog Of The Day

This is my new series. It's called "Nate's 2:00-3:00 Blog Of The Day". It stems from the fact we have gotten no fewer than 8 emails telling us to go live whenever we can, to try new things, to never doubt ourselves, to just keep going for it. Well unless you're me, apparently. It's kinda crazy. It made sense when I was a brand-new hire, 24 years old, a bit of a different mold than the "bro" writers currently working for the site. I literally used to have my blog edited by Dave to "fit the voice of Barstool". It really wasn't til Chaps was hired that we started to really be allowed to have a wider range of unique voices.

But anyway, I've always been told I suck at this, I suck at that, I can't do radio, I shouldn't do video. Even worse: Stoolies have been told that too. And it's all bullshit, really. Whenever I'm asked to do radio it goes well. The Professor Nate videos do well. But I've always been the punching bag, and I've taken it. I've rarely stood up for myself. I always sort of have tried to keep kayfabe, like ok, I guess that's my role. I appreciate the DMs I get on the side saying to not worry about it. I used to worry about it a lot. It used to consume my life, being the punching bag for a national audience for reasons I didn't think were justified. Now I kinda just, go with it. 


But here's the thing- since I stopped being the "spider monkey"- stopped attacking coworkers for content, gotten a hold of my emotions, stopped being the heel, and stopped caring about people who don't do shit, I've become more of a minor character at Barstool. And it weighs on me sometimes. But I decided I'd rather be a good person, a good friend, a good coworker, and be able to close my eyes happy with myself at night than be this character whose goal is to hurt others. That's no way to go through life. 

I would hope — that people can appreciate me for what I've always done- really good blogs, both in quality and quantity. I think I find a perfect middle ground between what is now called "click bait" and then longer, thought-out blogs. I've never understood the negative stigma towards "click bait" by the way. Maybe it's because some people weren't reading Barstool back in the day? But it was girls, sports, and jokes. I've never gotten away from those 3. If I can develop a storyline around "Models in Quarantine" or fake a war between Alexis Ren and Emily Ratajkowski, that's fun and drives views. I'm a smut blogger at heart. We're a for-profit website, after all. And I'd say I'm about 20% of that stuff, 80% sports, comedy, entertainment, original blogs, long thought out blogs, etc. 

I've been here for 7 or so years now. I know I outwork almost everyone and want to do new things constantly and I'll be honest, sometimes I feel like I'm not given a fair shake. For example I do the best poker podcast in the industry. We've been doing it for close to a year now. It's great. I produce it, edit it, pay to host it, everything. It'll probably never get green-lit though. Doesn't matter how good it is, it's just that it's me.

So now instead of going to my roof and interacting with people who enjoy my content, who I'm so happy they enjoy what I put out there, I will blog every day like this instead. They aren't all going to be like *this* one, but just thoughts in my head written down. Just staying good ol' 1 dimensional Nate because that's what the boss wants. And by the way, if the boss truly wants to see the "spider monkey" come back, put me on Barstool Radio. 

Now some of your questions:

It was Our Year Again. The battles we coulda had with the Isles and Bruins to get there woulda been legendary. Damn I miss hockey.


I was playing poker on stream for 3 days on an unregulated site (can't play regulated since I live in NY) and the lawyers shut me down. They told me it was illegal. I fought them on it at first but I'm beginning to think they were right. I talk about it on the first 8 minutes of the most recent podcast.

Because they are cute, cuddly, run around, snuggle, the full package. RIP Dudley.


Crane Gang 4 Life. 

See you back here tomorrow!