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I Roasted Hank Live On Twitch For His Terrible COD Playing Because He Deserved It

This clip is going around of me "roasting" Hank for his COD playing and I 100% stand by it. People are like WOW RIA HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT TO YOUR BOYFRIEND?! Well... it was a genuine question. Every single night now I listen to him scream at the TV about how much he sucks and how he's a worthless piece of shit who can't do anything right and I just wanted to know if he was even TRYING to get better. Is he watching game tape? Is he watching other players online? Is he looking up cheat codes and watching Youtube tutorials? I haven't seen him do any of this so I was genuinely curious.

I never play COD and never will so I can't sit here and offer any advice to him but I'm SURE there are many places on the internet where he can study how to get better. No shade. Just facts. No I won't leave him for his shitty COD playing, but I can't keep listening to him scream at the TV about how much he sucks as if there's no possible way to get better. 

(Not to mention his take on appetizers is absolutely terrible. Calamari? FIRE. Fried Pickles? FIRE. Shrimp Cocktail? FIRE. Maybe his poor taste in appetizers explains why he likes me.)

Either way you can watch us live stream multiple different games (Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, COD) and also live stream me roasting Hank on the Pardon My Take Twitch HERE

I will also add this note: