We Need An Appointed National News Breaker And I Have Just The Man For The Job

So basically CNN reported that they had arrested the Boston Marathon Bomber. Ran stories. Patted themselves on the back for being the first to the punch. Paraded around like they were the winners in the hunt to find the Boston Bomber. Only problem is, it was all wrong. Literally all of it. No suspect, no arrest. Just making up news so they can be “first”.

Fucked up. Sort of like the Newtown massacre when everyone was naming the kid’s brother and blasting his picture all over the news. So here’s where Big Cat comes in. Million dollar idea. We need a national news breaker. 1 man. 1 voice. A guy who can say, listen up bitches, this is exactly what happened. Every time words come out of his mouth you know its true. Takes out all the bullshit games the mainstream media plays. And who’s the  man for that job?

Could you imagine. Shattered Glass. Boom. Important News. It’s perfect. Stone Cold is exactly who we need. The voice for all news. If he says it, its a fact and when you hear that glass break that means shit is about to get real.

Oh and just in case Stone Cold doesn’t want to do it because he’s too busy crushing brew dawgs and being the man, I’ve appointed a backup.

Jon Taffer

For whenever Stone Cold needs a vacation. American Hero. “I don’t embrace excuses, I embrace solutions”

Jon Taffer is truth, 100% of the time.