This Guy Selling Battletoads On Amazon For $349.95 Is So Dumb I'm Pretty Sure He's Actually A Genuis


This is one of those times where someone does something so stupid that it instantly becomes smart. Three hundred and fifty dollars? That’s just an absolutely outrageous move. 350 dollars for Battletoads? That’s like 340 dollars more than it should be. But you know what? Now I want it. I’ve been 100% tricked by this price. I haven’t thought about BattleToads in over a decade, and now its all I can think about. I need to be Rash. I need to see Professor T. Bird. I need to spend 1,000 hours trying to finish Turbo Tunnel and failing every time. At this point, I’ve talked myself into this so much that 350 dollars feels like a bargain. I’m basically stealing BattleToads.


The answer to that 10 year basement hypothetical that KFC posted today is Battletoads and a loaded gun. I would spend 7 years trying to beat Battletoads and then kill myself. Literally get chills when I hear the music from Turbo Tunnel. If I spent as much time as I did trying to beat that level on anything else in life, maybe I wouldn’t be a professional blogger.



thanks to Isaac for the tip