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Los Angeles Murse Arrested For Having Sex With A Dead Corpse


-What kind of line of work are you in?

-I’m in Healthcare

-Greg’s a male nurse

Los Angeles, California (Source) – Alejandro Lazo, a 61-year-old Reseda man was jailed Sunday after he allegedly had sex with a corpse at a local hospital, where he is employed as a nurse. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, another employee at the San Fernando Valley Hospital saw Lazo engaging in sex acts with the deceased person and contacted authorities. The sex of the deceased victim has not yet been disclosed. Lazo was booked into jail and charged with a felony state Health and Safety Code violation. He was released after posting $20,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on February 11th.


Can I ask a question. Isn’t watching a person have sex with a dead body way worse than having sex with a dead body? I mean I know on the surface it doesn’t seem like that but hear me out. If you have sex with a dead body you’re already fucked in the head. You have issues. Issues that I can’t even begin to comprehend. So putting your penis inside of a lifeless hole probably isn’t all that crazy. Whereas the person who saw this happen? That’s just a regular guy. That’s me and you. And now your life will never be the same. Because as badly as you want to forget about the time you saw some guy 69’ing a cadaver you can’t. That’s stuck with you forever.


So my real question is, why the fuck did this guy tell anyone? You can’t forget the fact that you saw someone fuck a dead body, but if you don’t tell anyone you can definitely bury it in the deepest darkest part of your brain, shovel a bunch of dirt on top of it (whiskey, porn, hard drugs), and hope the thought never comes up. But once you tell everyone then you’re the guy who saw the guy who fucked the dead body. No thanks. I’d rather just never talk about it and let my necrophilic co-worker do his thing. I mean at the end of the day its not like you’re fighting for chicks or something. Let him fuck his and you can fuck yours. No harm no foul.


90% chance this guy just fucked a dead body because he was sick and tired of being a murse. Can’t rule that out.