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Reader Email - My Friend Got Real Life Catfished, Will The Stoolies Help Solve The Mystery?

Big Cat,
Try to make this short as possible.  Basically about 1.5 years ago a buddy of ours met a girl on a dating website.  They talked all the time on the phone, but after a couple months of never meeting my buddies got suspicious.  Seemed like she always had an excuse to why they couldn’t meet.  This went on for about 6 months and she would send pictures but never meet, and my buddy was obsessed with her and dated no one else.  Anyway, we said enough is enough and my buddies and I dug deeper and found out she was fake through numerous phone calls to the places she claimed to worked and schools she said she attended.  Bottom line is we want to know who the girl in the pics is since she is actually pretty good looking, and it has driven us crazy not knowing.  I have wasted many days at work trying to figure it out with no success.  I think I have even paid for apps on the internet that claimed it would figure it out.  We figured if anyone could help us figure it out it would be Barstool and now is the time.  Viva La Stool.



Well this is scary. It was all fun and games with Manti Teo. Dead girlfriend jokes. Fake tweets. An all around great time. But now I’m legitimately worried. Seems like this catfish thing is the real deal. Like I get a famous football player being catfished, but a Stoolie? The smartest of the smart? How could this happen? How could someone online send a bunch of pictures that are essentially stock images, never meet in person and only talk on the phone get away with something like this?


So stoolies, help Matt’s friend who is borderline the dumbest person in the world. Solve this mystery. Find this girl, which will probably just end up being Random Girl X in a 2009 Sears Catalog because I’m pretty sure those pictures came from a Google Image Search of “Cute+21 Years Old+Girl”, but who cares. The point is Notre Dame can get catfished. Hawaii can get catfished. But Barstool can not get catfished. Just can’t happen. Stoolie Nation is better than this*.



I want to bang both those 2 chicks in the 3rd pic. Just be young, go out on the town, say YOLO, listen to the Strokes, tag some instagrams, take some shots, smoke some cloves, and 69 each other till the sun comes up.



*Actually this is exactly what I would expect from Stoolies, myself included. “Oh hot girl on the internet who flirts with me? We’re totally going to fuck”.