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KFC Radio Episode 24 Part 2, Would You Trade Andrew Luck For Tom Brady Right Now?


Episode 24 Part 2 coming in hot.


The big discussion in the episode was the hypothetical for Pres, would you trade Brady for Andrew Luck and AP right now. Much to my shock and dismay, Dave and Feitelberg both said no, which may be one the craziest things I have ever heard in my life. Even if you throw AP out of the equation I would trade Luck for Brady right this second and I GUARANTEE the Patriots would do so as well.


I don’t care who it is, to not want to trade for a 22 year old sure thing is absolutely crazy. The whole argument of “you never know what you’ll get” seems crazy to me. You know exactly what you’re going to get, you get an insanely smart quarterback with a rocket arm who is going to be top 5 for the next 2 decades. And don’t even think about throwing injuries into the equation. This isn’t trade 22 year old Andrew Luck for 22 year old Tom Brady, then I agree its no question Brady, but that’s not the question, the question is right now and whether or not your team will sign up for being relevant for 20 years. I honestly think it just boils down to the fact that Boston doesn’t even remember what its like to have a bad quarterback. Drew Bledsoe, although not Brady, was a franchise guy, and then Brady stepped right in. They have no idea what Rex Grossman and Craig Krenzel and Kyle Orton look like. Its so foreign to them. And that’s what the argument boils down to. Yes Brady may have 5-7 good years left, but what happens then? The Patriots could easily go the next decade after that with a QB Carousel. Look at a team like the Jets or the Chiefs, they haven’t had a franchise quarterback in FOREVER. So in my mind the hypothetical is a no brainer and I feel like I’m not in the minority.