That Michigan Guy Who Had Sex With His Daughter? Well Yeah Heres A Picture Of The Two Of Them And I'll Be The First To Admit They Make A Pretty Hot Couple

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Well I take back everything I said earlier about William Nokes. I mean when you have a daughter as hot as this chick you sort of have to have sex with her right? William Nokes had no choice, his hands were tied. You can’t let your hot daughter walk around the house going completely unfucked*. That would be a far greater crime than incest. Hot people have sex, that’s just what they do, and anyone who doesn’t understand that needs to grow up.

If I closed my eyes and imagined William Nokes and his daughter this is literally EXACTLY how It would turn out, right down to the elementary school picture day background.

*Sometimes I write things that make me want to puke AS I’m physically writing them. This was one of those times.

thanks to Frank for the tip